Collaborate. Validate. Integrate.
At our lab, payors, providers, and technology companies work  together to advance healthcare innovations that impact cost,  experience, and outcomes. Our Smart Health Certification Program provides validation for market-ready products and  expedites integration into healthcare systems.
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the Lab
New Smart Health Innovation Lab to Accelerate Technology  That Improves Patient Care, Lowers Costs
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Moving Healthcare Innovations From Market Ready to Market Impact
We advance market-ready healthcare technologies by creating a more efficient, more effective path to market. Make a market impact with your healthcare innovation; apply now for the Smart Health Certification Program of 2018.
We are looking for technologies that:
Are Market Ready
Impact the broadest population  possible and align with the Quadruple Aim
Carry minimal risk  to the patient
Contribute data toward  a composite picture of the  patient’s health
Now Accepting Applications
Innovating Together
Our founders are working together to transform healthcare with innovative technology and industry-changing opportunities.
Founders Aspire Ventures, Capital BlueCross, Clio Health, and  Lancaster General Health/Penn Medicine are working together to transform healthcare with innovative technology and  industry-changing opportunities.
Construction of the lab is now under way!  We’re looking for sponsors to help us supply the lab.  Work with us to boost your brand and advance the best in healthcare technology.
News About
Our Lab
New Smart Health Innovation Lab
to Accelerate Technology
That  Improves Patient Care, 
Lowers Costs