Innovation Needs Integration

Healthcare startups face a number of challenges in today’s complex healthcare environment. Even when an innovation has cleared regulatory hurdles and has been deemed market-ready, integrating into clinical workflows, real-world health systems, and payor reimbursement models can be a serious challenge.

The Smart Health Innovation Lab’s certification program gives startups the resources they need to integrate into health systems, gain insurance reimbursement, and achieve adoption more efficiently.

A Better Path to Market with
Smart Health Certification

By entering the Smart Health Certification Program, startups gain access to a large pool of expertise, integration into health systems and clinical workflows, validation that the technology is effective, and a path to payor reimbursement.

Resident technologies can validate their products in a number of simulated care environments, including an outpatient clinic, inpatient rooms, and home settings. Working directly with stakeholders across the entire care continuum, innovators have unprecedented access to the full range of expertise needed to reach more meaningful integration.

Graduates of the Smart Health
Certification Program will also gain:

Mutually-written white paper with partner experts on the product’s effectiveness

Alumni status and access to the innovation lab for presentations and tours

Education for entering new healthcare markets and payor reimbursement models

Strategic connections with lab partners, vendor partners, and other resident technologies

Smart Health Certified logo for use on marketing materials

By completing our certification process, startups gain the credentials, research, connections, and customer channel opportunities they need to succeed in the healthcare marketplace.

The Right Path for the
Right Technology

Every innovation is different, which is why we offer a variety of certification tracks. All of our tracks assess how a technology advances the Quadruple Aim — improving health outcomes, lowering costs, and enhancing the experience for both patients and providers. But each track takes a unique focus on different aspects of care.

The Process

The Smart Health Innovation Lab guides applicants through a well-structured process for gaining Smart Health Certification.

Is Smart Health Innovation Lab
Right for Your Company?

The ideal technologies for the Smart Health Innovation Lab are those that have a fully vetted and operational product — software, smart devices, or stand-alone devices — but are facing unique barriers to entry associated with healthcare technology adoption.

We focus first on technologies that:

Are market ready

Impact the broadest population possible and align with the Quadruple Aim

Carry minimal risk to the patient

Contribute data toward a composite picture of the patient’s health

If you think your technology is a good fit for the Smart Health Certification Program, fill out the application form and let’s begin the conversation.