Smart Health Certified
“The Smart Health Certification Program has helped validate our product’s usability at scale in a large health system and has accelerated our company’s growth and expansion as a result.”
— Christopher Molaro, Co-Founder & CEO, NeuroFlow
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We Are Looking For Technologies That:
Are market ready
Impact the broadest population
possible and align with the
Quadruple Aim
Carry minimal risk
to the patient
Contribute data toward a
composite picture of the
patient’s health
And Provide Solutions In:
Primary Care
Behavioral Health
Wellness and
Preventive Care
Alternative Treatment
for Pain Management
Value-Based Care
A Fast Track to Scaled Market Adoption
Payor and Health System Education for Growth Stage Companies
Clinical Workflow Validation
Interoperability Strategy Development
Technical Architecture and HIPAA Compliance Review
Payor Reimbursement Strategy Development
Access to our Network
By completing our certification process, startups gain the credentials, research, connections, and customer channel opportunities they need to succeed in the healthcare marketplace.
At The Lab
At our lab in downtown Lancaster, Pennsylvania, startups put their technologies to the test in state-of-the-art simulated care environments that include an outpatient clinic, inpatient room, a home setting, and physical therapy gym. By collaborating with healthcare experts in real-world settings, certification program class members can validate, redesign, and demonstrate how their technologies impact clinical workflows across the care continuum.
Physical Therapy/Gym Care Setting
Innovation Lab Leadership
Clinic Care Setting
Collaborative Space
Innovation Lab Entrance
Home Care Setting
Inpatient Care Setting
Lobby Workspace
Self Service Care Setting
What Our Graduates
Have to Say:
The Smart Health Innovation Lab has helped us address some critical components needed to scale. They helped us uncover and overcome some HIPAA compliance challenges, assisted us with EHR integration, and introduced us to an expansive network of solid contacts.”
— Alex Fuentes, CSO, Emovi
Montreal, Canada